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Offices, retailers, medical buildings, schools, industrial park facilities, etc., have more and more gravitated towards utilizing the commercial construction offerings available with Buchel Construction. Just like our superior home construction and remodeling services, Buchel's commercial construction program offers outstanding design, materials, equipment, skilled craftsmen, and central Florida's best pricing. We offer the following commercial construction services:

  • Acoustical Ceilings - Reliable ceiling that offers substantial sound absorption. Individual tiles can be removed, and unsightly duct work and electrical wires are hidden. Recent technology now affords facility managers the ability to clean these ceilings without the cost of replacement.
  • Drywall Hanging - Complete framing, hanging and drywall finishing are provided. We specialize in practically all drywall designs, from small offices with orange-peel textured walls to large facilities enveloped in archways with a level 5 finish. Buchel Construction's drywall craftsmen are thoroughly skilled in completing the most difficult and demanding architectural and design requirements.
  • Metal Stud Framing - Our expert carpenters use only metal studs framing because of the bowing, shrinking and splitting found with wood studs. We specialize in a variety of framing from firewalls to partition walls to curtain-wall framing. Metal stud framing provides our clients with the strongest walls available. And, metal studs are fully guaranteed not to sag, rot, or be susceptible to fire.
  • Building projects from the ground floor up - Buchel Construction offers comprehensive general contracting abilities as designers, construction managers, site planners and tradesmen. We construct energy efficient buildings by utilizing effectively all the basic materials and products for wood, masonry, concrete, metal, steel, drywall and acoustical ceiling materials.

Because of their sound absorption qualities, acoustical ceiling is often the choice of ceiling material most utilized in commercial buildings. Buchel Construction can explain to you how acoustical ceiling not only covers ducts and wiring, but also allows the removal of individual tiles for maintenance above the your ceiling. And, because recent technology offers products and equipment to clean acoustical tile, you'll gain huge savings from not having to replace your dirty ceilings. Call us at (800) 571-8311 to arrange a free acoustical ceiling estimate for your facility.

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Buchel Construction utilizes innovative drywalling techniques to help us with any commercial drywall projects. Whether it's a cost-saving simple job or a difficult installation, we have the experience, materials, equipment and craftsmen to see your project completed on-time and on-budget. If your project has difficult architectural demands, no problem! Buchel Construction will offer the desired plan for approval and build it to your complete satisfaction.

Whether for office buildings, schools, churches, etc., metal stud framing has revolutionized the construction industry. Buchel Construction utilizes metal studs in all framing because we know how it provides the strongest walls available. And, because they don't bow, shrink and split like wood can, they're far superior to the old standard wood framing. Metal stud framing is fully guaranteed to not allow rotting and is not as susceptible to fire.

Buchel Construction can handle your larger building plans from the ground floor up. Our experts can provide you with comprehensive general contracting abilities for architect/designing, construction management, site location planning and craftsmen. We also provide tax abatement assistance, permits collection, and on-site earth moving and excavation. All the products and materials we utilize are of the highest quality possible. From wood, masonry to steel, we've got just the right product for any structures you'll need. Buchel Construction realizes how important it is to control your overall construction costs. Our design-build approach is extremely effective in finding better options to use, to keep things on-schedule, and to stay within your budget. Call Buchel Construction at (800) 571-8311 to discuss your commercial building project, and to receive a no-obligation free estimate.

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