If you have need for earth moving and excavation, Buchel Construction has the right knowledge, equipment and skilled personnel to complete your most demanding project without any hitches. Our professionals understand all the unique challenges facing earth moving and excavating needs in central Florida. Soil that is soft, water saturated, sandy, etc., can be extremely challenging to deal with. At Buchel Construction we offer some of the area's best prices for earth moving and excavation. Call us at (800) 571-8311 to discuss your needs and to receive a no-obligation free estimate.

When Buchel Construction's personnel start a project, we have all the necessary resources to join together all the heavy duty equipment and professionals to finish the job to your satisfaction. Typically our excavation services are intended for roads, causeways, and canals, and to provide general land grading and slope stabilization. We understand the intricacies of geotechnical engineering involving soil density and strength. Our experienced excavation engineers have the experience and specialized software to make the correct calculations.

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At Buchel Construction we have access to any type of heavy equipment that is needed for earth moving, demolition, and excavation. We have bulldozers, front-end loaders, backhoe loaders and more. Our building supervisor considers any number of factors when sizing up job requirements. This includes foundation requirements, site utilities, site access, dewatering, waste removal site proximity, etc. Buchel Construction's pros never begin an excavation project until a detailed sequence plan is developed. This helps to unify all contractors to the same plan and schedule. We're sure you won't be disappointed with the finished results!

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