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We've earned the reputation as the area's finest home construction and remodeling pros. Contact Buchel Construction when you need general home remodeling, room additions, bathroom additions and remodeling, kitchen remodeling, porch construction, deck building and garage construction.

Maybe you need a family room, an extra bedroom, or an attic room, even a separate living quarter addition. Buchel Construction has the right room addition design and package to meet your needs. If you want to expand your house for your growing family or simply want to create more privacy, room additions built by Buchel Construction might be the answer. Our craftsmen, quality, and affordable pricing are second to none. From bathrooms to kitchens to sunrooms, call us to discuss your needs and to receive a free estimate. Our telephone number is (800) 571-8311.

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At Buchel Construction, we are devoted to creating the best possible outcome and are always eager to help the customer through parts of the process that they may not be familiar with. We will put together a specific team to tackle your specific needs.

  • Bathrooms – Bathrooms become outdated or damaged throughout the use of their life. With years of experience in handling bathroom conversions, Buchel Construction is qualified to ensure that each and every job is completed with strategy and confidence. Our goal is to create both an ergonomic and aesthetically-pleasing product to wow our customers.
  • Kitchens – Some of the most cherished memories are experienced and captured in the center of the home where family and friends come together. The kitchen is also one of the most valuable parts of the home as well. Buchel Construction specializes in gathering the customer’s wishes and making them a reality with one of our handpicked teams. We always aim to exceed the customer's expectations.
  • Exterior Construction – Often overlooked is the outside of a home. Buchel Construction spends the extra time needed to not only focus on the current stability and techniques to fix issues, but also to analyze things with a more creative eye when necessary. From roofing to stucco to concrete and pavers to landscaping, we understand the importance of both functionality and aesthetics of a home, and we have the tools necessary to accomplish such tasks within the customer’s budget. With how important a home’s exterior can be, we give a little TLC to make a big difference.
  • New Construction & Additions – As the economy picks up, many people look toward building a new home or adding on to a current one. Most homes these days are built at a quick pace in developments with only a few feet separating one from the next. At Buchel Construction, we don’t partake in cookie cutter homes but rather offer a unique approach for a more personal experience. Contact us to speak with one of our professionals about your dream home. We can take you through every step of the house building process, from planning to painting. And if you need help with clearing land or delivering fill, look no further. Buchel Construction is your one-stop shop.

Create your dream home with us.